Dianna Badalament

Electra Pearl Earring


14k gold, oxidized silver, fireball pearls.   2" long

Dianna Badalament, Healdsburg, CA

The Electra Collection is anchored by organic "splats" made from liquid, reclaimed 14k gold. “Electra”, an Ancient Greek Water Goddess, and a part of the Okeanides (or water-bearing Cloud children), is the Goddess of Storm Clouds. Each splat is a frozen moment in time when liquid gold becomes a solid and “freezes” in it’s shape and is 100% unique, like a thumbprint, so every Electra design is completely one of a kind.

Coming from drought-plagued Northern California, I visited the stomping grounds of youth during a tropical storm this summer. I was so inspired by the storm clouds and raindrops, and my daughter and I stood out in the rain and watched the big raindrops explode on our hands.