SkLO ring bowls


A broad, shallow bowl of handblown glass that sits freely atop a metal ring base. The handblown glass bowl is blown without the use of a mould – it is shaped by hand while hot on the glass blower’s pipe, and it is extra thick and massive as a result. This allows for the lip of the glass bowl to be cut and highly polished. The sturdy brass ring is custom made to fit the bowl, elevating it.

Available in three sizes.

Glass available in three colors (including clear).

Ring base available in four metal finishes. the two bowls available come with a brass metal ring, inquire with us for ordering ring bases in other metal finishes.

All glass dimensions are approximate – handblown glass dimensions vary by nature and intent.

Handblown in the Czech Republic, SKLO is based here in Healdsburg, CA

*please contact the gallery when ordering to specify the color you want.  Orders will be shipped in 1-6 weeks depending on availability. Contact us directly to inquire about availability